Day 16: Abby Paige, on creating more inclusive community spaces

Abby Paige is a playwright, performer, poet and essayist, originally from Vermont and now living in Fredericton. Her solo show, Piecework: When We Were French, was commissioned in 2009 for Champlain Quadricentennial in Burlington, Vermont. After its premiere the show toured throughout New England.

Abby presented on the topic of ‘Creating More Inclusive Community Spaces’ as part of the Pink Lunchbox series on Thursday.  What she had to say was really impactful for those of us who were able to be with her. And I have a hunch that it might also be of interest and of value to those of you who were not able to attend so, Abby has given me permission to share the handout she created with all of you here online.

Abby’s presentation was thought provoking and powerful, as well as funny when she wanted it to be. It was a real privilege to have her with us here.

From everyone at the BAG – and from me especially – thanks Abby!

Some the the helpful (and beautifully poetic) books that Paige brought in to share with us today.



Screenshot 2018-02-02 15.43.14


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