WATCH OUT @ the Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Watch Out, the title of January’s new residency at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery foreshadows the potency of its goal. Watch Out is an expectation & a possibility, it is a forewarning & a premonition; it is a declaration.

Newer, bigger and better, 2018 finds the Beaverbrook Art Gallery as an institution with a strong history behind it, and an exciting, bold future rolling-out in front of it. WATCH OUT will be the Beaverbrook’s first residency of the year and, the gallery’s first ever artist-curatorial residency. Over the course of four weeks, artist, writer, curator, academic, Dr. Danielle Hogan will guide visitors in both formal and informal events designed to engage us as individuals to think more deeply about our gallery experiences. With WATCH OUT, the BAG is taking time to looking out as it looks forward. Danielle will be working with visitors, encouraging them to share their observations and ideas with each other and with the gallery team. Watch out is a point in time, designed to redraw our outdated course. Its aim is to bring to light threads from conversation, yarns that too often drop from our view. As a relevant and lively new space for art and ideas, the Beaverbrook artist-space is going to participate in the major conversations of our time. WATCH OUT will witness, it will create and host conversations around reconciliation, global migration, immigration, race, and gender.

Over the course of this residency Danielle will encourage visitors to examine the function that galleries play within our communities. They will be asked to reflect on what sort of experiences art can offer them, and ponder what sort of meaningful experiences they take away – or would like to take away – from their time spent with/in art.

Danielle will engage visitors both in the residency space as well as around the larger gallery, seeking to better understand what communities need and expect from their engagements with culture. Having curated exhibitions for the Maltwood Gallery in Victoria BC., UNB, and online at the Gynocratic Art Gallery (a space she created in 2015), Danielle has arranged for the BAG a corresponding exhibition WATCH OUT that features works from the permanent collection and will be giving a weekly tour. Plans for the residency also include the lunch hour event Pink Lunch Box.

WATCH OUT runs at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery from January 8th to February 9th 2018.

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