Day 13: Wow, the minds of children!

Today was an incredible day! We've had nearly a hundred people in school/college groups come though the  Beaverbrook Art Gallery today! -George Street Middle School -Royal Road Elementary School -New Brunswick College of Craft and Design   Royal Road Elementary is working on a project, with the help of an ArtSmart grant, entitled "We are... Continue Reading →

Day 12: Anna Torma

Art is the most human of things.  Based in the genetic, in the creative intelligence and the nimble body, art is a potential in every individual. Nurtured in social experience, taught, learned, and bent against circumstance, art is a reality in every culture.  Always unifying what analysis divides, art is personal and collective, intellectual and... Continue Reading →

Day 11: School’s closed (2nd day in a row)!

Today my dear friends Jennifer Gunter and Seamus McKeating from Niagara Market in Victoria BC came to see me and take in the fascinating piece on exhibition in WATCH OUT! It is such a privilege to share ideas relating to visual literacy, and the importance of complicating narratives around gender, women, and history with two people as... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Art + Textiles + United Nations…

I am so very proud to be participating in this international art project. Together with these artists: Today at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, I have been working on Act #29. Check out this hashtag on Facebook to see all of the amazing works that have been completed so far!  #UHRQuilt And below, information on the project... Continue Reading →

Day 8: Watch out for the ‘fray’

Today I had an amazing group of kids into the studio to visit! We talked about all sorts of ways that we could paint, draw and sculpt with fabric. We also talked about some pretty amazing the textile sculptures by other artists, such as Louise Bourgeois. And more contemporary pieces by artists Jade Yumang: And Angie... Continue Reading →

Day 7: WATCH(ING) ‘OUT’ & ‘IN’

*today, little visual-play... 24 Tree Studies for Henry David Thoreau, 2001-03, Thaddeus Holownia "6 Tree Studies" an homage to Thaddeus Holownia (inside the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, looking out to the Wolastoq river|Saint John River), by Danielle Hogan Photographs taken on January 17th, 2018 during a snow-event.

Day 5: Friends and Docents

(Docent tour photos: Christina Thomson) It is always a privilege to have the opportunity to talk about my work, and that of other artists' for whom I have great admiration.  The BAG is closed to the public on Mondays,  so this morning I had my first chance to give a curator's talk about the exhibition... Continue Reading →

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