Pink Lunch Box Schedule

Legislature employees, Chancery Place, NBCCD faculty & students, and all those interested in the opportunity to connect, engage, be challenged, and educated by art!

This lunch hour series is for you!! Pink Lunch Box Talks will run @ 12:30 pm, from Tuesday, January 30th to Friday, February 2nd. Each presentation, ‘snack size’ at 20 minutes, should fit easily into lunch hour breaks and feature themes related to WATCH OUT. 


January 30th (Tues.) 12:30 (RBC Room)

Indigo Rain Poirier – Wangled Teb

Wangled Teb is an electronic music project which incorporates elements of IDM, breakcore, and ambient music, as well as taking inspiration from 1990’s video game music. The project began in early 2015, fronted by Indigo Rain Poirier, a transgender electronic music artist who hails from Kingsclear First Nation, New Brunswick. Wangled Teb released their debut EP, “Self Titled”, in early 2015. To date Wangled Teb has released three EP’s and they are currently working on their fourth EP. They are also working on a collaboration project with Fredericton-based visual artist Erin Goodine exploring the relationship between abstract art, electronic music (inherently an abstract form of art in itself), and human emotion.


January 31st (Wed.) (Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio)

Melissa McMichaelArtist Talk

Mel McMichael is a textile artist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Her love of the natural extends into her materials, as she focuses on sustainable materials and organic dyes. Her current work explores themes of fragility. The vulnerability of the environment, the body, and the mind, are reflected in the impermanent medium of textiles and organic dyes.


February 1st (Thurs.) (Bruno Bobak Artist-in-Residence Studio)

Abby PaigeA Volunteer from The Audience

There is a unique horror associated with hearing a performer utter the phrase, “I need a volunteer from the audience.” This Pink Lunch Box Talk won’t require volunteers, but it will explore the relationship between artists and their audiences. From Shakespeare’s soliloquies to Tig Notaro’s stand-up comedy, something unique happens when a performer addresses the audience directly, or “breaks the fourth wall.” Writer and solo performer Abby Paige will discuss how direct address can change the temperature of a performance and the unique responsibilities of a performer when relating to an audience this way. Her talk will explore how the relationships between artists, presenters, and audiences change when artworks and the spaces where they are presented are made more accessible, inclusive, and open.


February 2nd (Fri.) (RBC Room)

Danielle Hogan – Liquids Creams and Gels

“Liquids, Creams & Gels,” as you know, is what they ask you to present while passing through the security line at the airport. Well, we are taking that concept to a whole new level by infusing it with ceramic notions of love and other potions and making it for the basis for a show. The curated online show of Liquids, Creams and Gels shall coincide with the frigid month of February that we North Americans dedicate to the complete range of noble to ignoble notions of amour. This exhibition will be ever-so-loosely centered around the time old tradition of vessel-making and containment that we, as ceramic artists, seem to embrace with open, wet and muddy arms. Beyond that it is our hope that the combined concept of vessel + containment + relationships is taken to a whole new level by the participating artists. There is no safety net or zone here…predictable is not welcome, but subversion is a most welcome entity. It is time to explore galore and push the notion of lotions and potions to the limit and make something that addresses this thing called “amorous” and turn it into something deviously glamorous. So please feel free to liberally apply to your eyeballs and sensory spots, this curated lotion of Canadian Ceramic artists both emerging and established…we’re sure their work will heighten your art viewing experience.

This exhibition will, again, be hosted online and in conjunction with the Gynocratic Art Gallery, a fabulously nomadic, Canadian effort directed by Danielle Hogan of Fredericton, New Brunswick and Mariko Paterson of Forage Studios in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The exhibition will be hosted trough Forage Studios website for the month of February, but links will be made available through the Gynocratic Art Gallery too.

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